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Rotterdam Skyline with Erasmus bridge

Caldic Benelux and Caldic Ingredients Benelux are both based in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Directors Caldic Ingredients Benelux

Niels Verweij Finance Director
Niels Verweij  Finance Director Caldic Ingredients Benelux
Ronald Theeuwes Managing Director Caldic Ingredients Benelux
Ronald Theewes Managing Director Caldic Ingredients Beneluz

Directors Caldic Benelux

Christophe De Cannière Managing Director Caldic Benelux
Christophe de Cannière, Managing Director Caldic Belgium
Tom Van Langenhove Finance Director
Tom Van Langenhove, Finance Director van Caldic Benelux

Management Caldic Ingredients Benelux

Arvid Meersman
Technical Director
Donny van Dam
Operations Manager
Michiel Bremer
Supply Chain Manager
Sylvia Kastelein
QHSE Manager

Management Caldic Benelux