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Crosslinking Agents for Rubber

The vulcanization of rubber, both natural and synthetic, requires the use of accelerators, sulphur donors and activators for several reasons: making the vulcanization process quicker and more controlled, improving the performance of the finished article and replacing, partly or totally, sulphur in "Semi EV" or "EV" systems.

Finding the right crosslinking agent for rubber vulcanization

Based on the effect given to the vulcanization speed, the accelerators are subdivided into:

  • "Slow" accelerators, for example guanidines
  • "Fast" accelerators, such as sulphenamides and thiazoles
  • "Super-fast" or "ultra-accelerators", for example thiourames and carbamates

To achieve the right compromise between kinetics of vulcanization and properties of the finished article, our specialists guide you in identifying the correct combination between the different accelerators, activators and, possibly, sulphur donors.

Crosslinking agents for Rubber such as