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Food Ingredient Blending Services

Close up of tool to blend food ingredients, one of the Food Processing Services provided by Caldic

Are you lacking the capacity or equipment to blend your own food ingredients? Caldic Ingredients Benelux is your ideal toll and contract blending partner. The combination of in-depth expertise and state-of-the art blending facilities will save you time and money.

Custom Food Blends

However precise or complex your requirements are, we can supply you with any custom (dry) blend you need. Whether it involves many different ingredients, a very low dose or even liquid components: our blending lines and industrial blending equipment are capable of blending the most complicated powder formulations with homogeneous finished blends as a result.

Quality and Safety in Blending

Our specialized team of blending professionals is committed to meet your specifications. From start to finish, the Caldic Ingredients Benelux team works closely with you to achieve the best results. Additionally, our blending services are fully supported by a dedicated R&D and QA team to achieve and safeguard the highest quality of products and the ultimate in food safety. If preferred, we provide a full package to our customers and extend the blending services with (re)packaging, transport or storage services.

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