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Improve your Nutri-Score with Caldic's ingredients

Checking nutri-score label of dairy product in supermarket

Did you know that consumers make product selection decisions within an average of 35 seconds? With the supermarkets and convenience stores offering endless choices, are having a hard time distinguishing healthier options from their high-in-sugar, full-fat alternatives. Following the footsteps of France, Belgium and Spain, Germany  and the Netherlands will be next in battling obesity by adopting the Nutri-Score.

Half of the European population is overweight; also in the Netherlands and Belgium this percentage lies around 50%. Especially now that obesity has been linked to increased risk of complications from Covid-19, the need to put healthy products in the spotlights is more topical than ever.

Nutri-Score label for healthier choices

The Nutri-Score labels are considered to be helpful in making a healthier choice. A Nutri-Score for a particular food item is given in one of five classification letters, with 'A' being a preferable score and 'E' being a detrimental score. The European Commission is also investigating whether pan-European regulations can be introduced. Additionally, an increasing number of food manufacturers and supermarkets are going to use the Nutri-Score label.

nutri-score label

Upgrading the profile of certain products is not always easy. Savoury dishes and cream fillings for example are never associated with being the healthy choice. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways to create a healthy product by using the Nutri-Score guidance.

Clever ingredients

At Caldic, we have extensive experience in using clever ingredients to reduce fat and sugar and which ultimately will keep you out of the Nutri-Score red zone. Some examples are:
  • Co-texturing clean label starch for fat mimetics

  • Fructo-oligosaccharide bulking agents

  • Sweeteners like Erythritol and Stevioglycosiden

  • 1 to 1 Pectacon M-6734 sugar replacer

Also enhancing your protein and fibre content can help moving your product into the green zone. Our extensive range of fibres and proteins are available and suitable for many applications:
  • Acacia fibre 90% fibre neutral and very low in viscosity

  • Hi-maize resistant starch with 50% fibre content

  • Faba bean, pea, lentil, rice, soy and milk, collagen and insect protein.

Nutri-score Brochure 

Challenge us to create new and better-balanced foods! For more information about the Nutri-Score calculation and some examples of products we have transformed from E to C level, ask for our Nutri-Score Brochure. Contact Mary Moorthamer via email or phone +31 (0)30 799 2867.